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Drain & Sewer Services in Fort Collins 

The drains and sewers that run throughout a home are essential just to get through basic tasks. However, when it comes to plumbing support, our team is determined to go far beyond just providing basic support. Our skilled specialists at Lion Rooter & Sewer are devoted to offering the highest quality of 5-star services to our clients.

A few examples of the drain and sewer services in Fort Collins we offer include:

What Are the Benefits of Hydro Jetting?

Although hydro jetting is still a relatively newer practice in comparison to the method of using rooters and snakes, it has become extremely popular. There are so many benefits of hydro jetting that it is no wonder this service is highly sought-after. 

Just a few of the excellent advantages of hydro jetting are:

  • More intensive cleaning – Traditional methods work by either pulling out a clog or breaking it into smaller pieces. However, this does not take care of the gunk like soap scum or mineral deposits stuck to the sides of the sewer. Hydro jetting removes these kinds of debris, as well as grease, fat, and traces of chemicals.
  • Increased safety – Hydro jetting is extremely powerful, as its intense jets can flush out all the objects that make up a clog. From large roots to sanitary products, nothing is a match for this method. Nevertheless, it is completely safe for the pipes since it only uses pure water.
  • Reduced costs – Since hydro jetting does not require extensive amounts of time or heavy-duty equipment, it also cuts expenses for labor.

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When to Schedule Sewer Repairs

Perhaps one of the greatest fears of any homeowner is that of a sewer bursting. Although everyone dreads the idea of sewage flooding their valuables, it’s hard to predict a sewer break. Since sewers are buried deep in the ground, residents cannot visually check on them. Nevertheless, there are some key signals that should indicate it is time to schedule thorough repairs. By arranging for rapid repairs, it is possible to avoid an unexpected emergency, like a broken or leaking sewer. 

Let our team know as soon as the following signs appear, including:

  • Damp or soggy patches all over the yard
  • An increase in pests like mosquitos, flies, rats, and roaches
  • Bad smells of rotting sewage
  • The sudden growth of vividly green grass
  • Constant clogs in the toilet

Here at Lion Rooter & Sewer, our technicians know how worrying a sewer issue is for residents. We are devoted to helping our loyal clients by fixing the problem when it is still small, cutting down costs and preserving your valuable time.

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