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Greeley Drain Cleaning

Drain clogs can be a real nuisance, but you can rest easy with Greeley drain cleaning services from Lion Rooter & Sewer. We understand a blocked drain can leave you with wastewater and grime pooling in your sink. Clogged drains are something that most of us will have to face sooner or later, but you don't have to deal with them alone. Our plumbers help you say goodbye to clogs with professional drain cleaning services. Learn more by reading below or calling 970-446-5322 today to schedule a service!

Trusted Drain Cleaning In Greeley

At Lion Rooter & Sewer, we bring top-notch drain cleaning in Greeley to your home or business. We address even the most minor clogs with precise solutions. Our dedication to long-lasting results and quality workmanship have earned us the community's trust. That's why we don't just refer to you as a customer—we see you as a valued client who deserves nothing but the best. When dealing with drain concerns, there's no better choice than our knowledgeable plumbers.

Professional Greeley Drain Cleaning Company

Here's the thing about fixing drains: what may appear to get your water flowing again might not necessarily resolve the problem. DIY solutions, like store-bought drain cleaners, often fall short and contain harsh chemicals. They temporarily open the clog, allowing water and waste to pass through briefly. But the problem is still there. Sooner than you'd like, that opening closes, and you're right back to square one. This is where our professional Greeley drain cleaning company comes in. We don't merely provide a quick fix; our plumbers completely remove the clog and scrub the interior of your drain line, ensuring the clog won't come back anytime soon. This results in a more thorough and lasting solution, providing stress-free use of your drains for months, if not years, to come.

If you’re tired of clogged drains in Greeley, make the call to Lion Rooter & Sewer today! Dial (970) 446-5322 for service. We’re available 24/7 for emergency drain repairs as well!


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Greeley Rooter Service Effectiveness

A typical drain cleaning is also called a Greeley rooter service, named for the tree roots that can cause severe clogging. Our professional rooter service can tackle a variety of grime that builds up in your pipes, including:
  • Soap scum
  • Hair buildup
  • Fats and grease
  • Food waste
  • Foreign objects
  • And more

Types Of Rooter Service In Greeley

Drain snaking is one of the most reliable types of rooter service in Greeley. It is a swift and effective solution to a blockage or clog near your drain. For instance, a snaking service can address a slow-draining or clogged toilet that a plunger can't fix. This process involves specialized tools that we insert into your plumbing lines. These tools either break up the clog for easy flushing or physically pull it out to free your pipes. When you have something blocking your toilet that you'd rather not lose, snaking is your best bet.

Don't Let Slow Drains Slow You Down

Numerous products on the market promise to unclog slow or blocked drains. Unfortunately, most of these brands are chemical solutions that are more harmful to your plumbing than they appear. Harsh chemicals like acids can corrode your pipes and drains, leading to brittle spots, cracks, and leaks. To make matters worse, these products might not even resolve the clog! At Lion Rooter & Sewer, we strongly advise against using store-bought drain cleaners because we understand the harm they can cause. Not only do they jeopardize your plumbing, but they also pose risks to our technicians, potentially causing burns and equipment damage. Do both your plumbing and our technicians a favor by leaving the chemicals on the store shelves. Instead, give us a call, and we'll get the job done safely the first time.

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If you're tired of handling clogged drains, call Lion Rooter & Sewer today! Contact us at 970-446-5322 for Greeley drain cleaning services. We're also available around the clock for emergency drain repairs. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we're here to make your drain issues a thing of the past.

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