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When irreparable damage happens to your sewer line and a trenchless sewer service just won’t do the job, Lion Rooter & Sewer is here to help. Our crew of experienced, highly trained, and well-equipped Greeley sewer repair and replacement pros can handle even the worst sewer nightmare and restore the peace around your property. From major damage like leaks and tree root intrusions to signs of age including excessive corrosion or line sagging, we offer solutions that solve the issue the right way and restore your drain system to its finest condition.

At Lion Rooter & Sewer, we understand that a major sewer service isn’t always avoidable, and we do our best to help you through the process when you need one. We always attempt to use trenchless sewer repair services whenever possible, but we also recognize that sometimes an excavation becomes necessary. When this happens, our crew comes ready to get the job done with cutting-edge equipment and the capability of handling even the toughest and most difficult jobs. We make it our mission to get your drain and sewer lines working again soon so you can go back to enjoying all of the functions and amenities your home has to offer.

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When Is Sewer Excavation Necessary?

Unfortunately, trenchless options are not always the perfect solution to your sewer woes. If your sewer has fallen apart too badly or has external issues that need to be fixed, then there really is no choice other than to dig into your land and pull up the old line. This is a tedious process and does require considerable landscape work after the fact to restore your property’s look. However, the team at Lion Rooter & Sewer does everything we can to minimize the land we disturb in order to keep your renovation to a minimum.

You might need to excavate and remove your old sewer line if:

  • Your sewer line has become completely separated
  • Your sewer line is bowing, sagging, or otherwise deformed
  • Your sewer line has corroded to the point where it is no longer durable or stable
  • Your sewer line has been badly damaged or destroyed by tree roots or animals
  • Your sewer line was not built with suitable slope

The upside to digging your old sewer line out of the ground is that you’ll be able to replace your damaged line with a new one that is built to last for decades. When properly cared for, modern sewer line materials can last well beyond 50 years, and lines that receive regular inspections and proper services can last for even longer than that. The hard work today may prevent you from ever having to deal with this problem again in the future, so long as you own your home.

If you live in an older home with a metal sewer line, this might also give you the opportunity to install sewer cleanouts if you don’t have any or if you don’t have enough installed. Many older properties don’t have cleanouts placed in proper locations, and that makes servicing these sewer lines more difficult. By adding additional access and cleanout locations, services like hydro jetting and drain cleaning become far easier.

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