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It would be impossible to survive without a set of dependable sewers and drains. These lines are essential for carrying out all the waste and contaminated water used at a property. It is a good idea to speak to our professionals whenever any of these components are beginning to malfunction.

Our thorough drain and sewer services in Longmont cover issues like: 

How Drain Camera Inspections Work

A drain camera works a lot like an endoscopy in the body. When patients are preparing for surgery, surgeons insert a tiny camera to capture live photos of essential organs. In the same manner, our highly trained technicians place an advanced camera into drains. If the pipes are experiencing the symptoms of a clog or blockage, the detailed images will find the location. Alternatively, if the drain is instead suffering from a hairline crack or a loose connection, the camera can easily spot this. Since the cable where the photo is attached is so flexible, it can enter even narrow pipes, thoroughly capturing every crevice.

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Is Trenchless Sewer Repair Worth It?

Because trenchless technology is still fairly recent, some homeowners wonder how valuable it truly is. The answer to this question is easily found when considering how it diminishes the levels of damage to the property. The conventional method of digging a large trench was extremely messy. However, trenchless repair avoids creating a warzone in the front or back yard, simply by utilizing advanced machinery. The holes created by these cutting-edge devices are very small, perfect for installing a new line without causing havoc to the landscape. Because so little effort is required for restoration, this means that trenchless options take much less time. Residents can save their valuable energy and resources simply by opting for a trenchless repair.

The Benefits of Hydro Jetting

Looking for a solution for continual clogs occurring in the drains and sewers? Hydro jetting offers a perfect way for getting rid of those frustrating issues. This technique sprays a powerful jet of pure water that blasts out all forms of blockages.

A few of the greatest benefits that come from using hydro jetting include:

  • Diminished opportunities for clogs to form
  • Improved levels of water pressure and flow
  • Reduced costs of labor and time
  • Decreased chances of bacteria and mold growing
  • Peace of mind that all blockages have been removed
  • Assurance that the pipes are truly safe without the use of toxic chemical cleansers

Our technicians are committed to helping clients out of sticky (or wet) situations. Anyone looking to get unstuck from a drain or sewer problem should call Lion Rooter & Sewer.

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