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Greeley Septic Pumping

Are you due for a Greeley septic pumping? At Lion Rooter & Sewer, we understand that septic tanks have limited capacities, and you'll need professional septic pumping sooner or later. Determining the right time for pumping can be challenging, as most homeowners may not be familiar with the signs. To ensure your system is well-maintained, our experts recommend scheduling pump-outs every three to five years, depending on your household size. Learn more about septic pumping and repair services by calling (970) 400-1518 today!

Lion Rooter & Sewer is proud to offer five-star service to our clients in Greeley and the surrounding areas, including Fort Collins, Loveland, Longmont, and Windsor. Our sewer and drain technicians are licensed and rigorously trained to offer the best possible septic service. When you need help with your septic pump or any other part of your septic system, you can trust our team to go above and beyond every time.

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At Lion Rooter & Sewer, we prioritize your best interests, providing peace of mind that your septic tank works properly. Our team pays full attention to your septic job, ensuring a smooth process. During the cleaning process, we'll alert you to any issues we uncover, allowing you to address them promptly. Then, we provide a detailed cost estimate for your approval and answer any questions.

Regardless of your septic system's size or age, we ensure everything runs smoothly. So, when it's time to work with a Greeley septic company, look no further than Lion Rooter & Sewer.

Contact our septic pump professionals 24/7 at (970) 400-1518. We serve homeowners throughout Greeley and the surrounding areas!


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Signs You Need Greeley Septic Tank Pumping

If you're unsure whether you need Greeley septic tank pumping, here are signs that it might be time to have your tank cleaned out:

  • Wet or soggy spots near the tank
  • An overflowing leach field
  • Sewage backup from toilets or drains
  • Slow drainage in your home
  • Gurgling sounds from your plumbing system
  • Unpleasant odors around your tank's installation spot
  • Water pooling in the yard

Regular septic pumping is essential to prevent these issues. But if you're already dealing with these problems, don't worry; Lion Rooter & Sewer is here to help. These signs, whether slow drainage or sewage backup entering your home, should not be ignored. If you observe any septic problems, contact us for professional cleaning services.

Greeley Septic Repair

Greeley septic repair addresses issues that may arise within your septic system, ensuring its proper functioning and the health of your property. Over time, wear and tear, root intrusion, or unexpected damages can compromise the integrity of your septic tank. You may notice problems like leaks, blockages, or malfunctioning components that lead to a failing septic system. Ignoring these issues can result in more extensive damage and potential health hazards. So, trust us to perform a Greeley septic repair that restores your system's functionality. We'll get your septic tank up and running, ensuring your home has reliable and efficient waste disposal again.

Greeley Leach Field Repair

The leach field, also known as a drain field, is an integral part of a septic system. It is the area that filters and distributes treated wastewater back into the soil. Over time, however, the leach field can encounter challenges such as soil compaction, root intrusion, or excessive organic matter. These problems lead to diminished absorption capacity and potential malfunctions.

At Lion Rooter & Sewer, we provide Greeley leach field repair to resolve these issues. You'll know it's time for leach field repair when you observe signs like standing water, unpleasant odors, or soggy spots in your yard. Repairing a leach field is a thorough process and requires our trained professionals. By addressing these concerns promptly, leach field repair ensures the proper functioning of your septic tank and preserves your property's environmental integrity.

Greeley Leach Field Installation

We also provide Greeley leach field installation services for those considering a new drain field. We provide expert guidance to establish an effective wastewater treatment system tailored to your property. Our professionals understand the critical role of a well-designed leach field for your septic system. Our team ensures meticulous attention to detail, from the initial site assessment to the final installation. We'll consider factors like soil composition, property size, and local regulations. We strive to create a leach field that integrates smoothly with your septic system, ensuring long-lasting and reliable wastewater treatment.

Your Local Greeley Septic Contractor

At Lion Rooter & Sewer, we strive to build lasting customer relationships by exceeding expectations. Rest assured that our Greeley septic contractor will address all your concerns. When you entrust us with your septic cleaning job, you choose a locally owned and operated business with years of experience. We take pride in serving the local community and are dedicated to excellence.

We've earned a reputation for:

  • Customer courtesy
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Local expertise
  • 24/7 emergency help

We believe in fair and reasonable pricing, offering flexibility in our services. Learn more about our septic services by contacting us today!

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Your septic system works hard to treat household waste, but neglecting to clean it can lead to plumbing issues and health hazards. Greeley septic pumping and cleaning ensures your system is in top-notch condition. Lion Rooter & Sewer is here to handle this job for you, as we understand that septic maintenance can be complex and messy. Our septic professionals are ready to assist you, whether you require routine pumping or a new leach field installation.

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